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I joined on 16th June, 2004 after reading an article on Wilhelm Reich that needed correction. I then created an article on Cavafy, the Greek poet, because I couldn't find one on him (but have since discovered one, which I incorporated into mine). In my first flush of enthusiasm I also created articles on Henri Michaux, Dubravka Ugresic and Yuri Olesha, without writing much. It's been downhill since then. I've been sucked into the pedant's whirlpool of Suggestions, Critiques, and Edits. You can also check out my personal sandbox to see what I may be fiddling with now, or to get me busy on something I probably don't have time for :) .

Help needed[edit]

I've personally restructured the Catalogue of Wikiprojects, and I would like co-operation and assistance with three areas:

  • subsuming all Lists of Writers, Philosophers, etc under a giant index of major writers, for which I need
    • someone to help with creating, sorting and editing all the copious data for the lists;
    • agreement on a system of distribution for these lists among the appropriate categories;
    • standardization of the lists everywhere they occur;
  • structuring all related articles in a Wikiproject according to a single format - ex. Summary, Bio, Works, External Links, Bibliography. Bibliographies must not contain ISBNs;
  • researching and expanding all articles to include (at the very least) authoritative points of view, politically sensitive terminology, and awareness of international and historical traditions. All articles here are tremendously skewed towards conventional Anglo-American perspectives; while this is understandable to some extent, there are innumerable blatant ommissions that are tremendously disappointing to anyone with a wider knowledge of the field in question.